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So you want to be a wedding photographer? Or perhaps you already are but want to add a bit of umph to your business. Well this ones for you. 

Our one-to-one mentoring days will cover everything from marketing yourself, camera skills, editing and teaching you how to be more than a photographer at a wedding. 

Are aim is to make you be the best photographer you can be, and ensure you leave us feeling fabulous and excited about your journey ahead. 

We have two packages - a full day, and also a half day. Our full day package covers everything and anything, however our half day packages focus on specific areas chosen by you before the session. 

Full day packages are priced at £450 half day packages are £250. The mentoring sessions are held at our beautiful studio.

For more information, or to get yourself booked in please fill out the form below.


Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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